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January 2015




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Jan. 26th, 2015

spiritual guidance, absolution, tomatoes

quote of the day :

[Dag...] But if ordinary folks can't fix the world, it's not going to get fixed. There are no lords here. The gods are absent.

[Fawn] You know, it sounds really attractivec at first, but I'm not sure I'd want lords and gods fixing the world. Because I think they'd fix it for them. Not necessarily for me."

Lois McMaster Bujold - The Sharing Knife; Volume 3: Passage;  End of chapter 12

square brackets my addition

Dec. 31st, 2014

Gifts and Kings and Epiphany

As a child I believed, that not only there were gifts at Christmas (-Eve if the parents expect to sleep long on Christmas morning ) but also on the feast of the 3 Kings (epiphany) : January 6th. ( and them being patrons of Cologne we know that date[1])
I remember one Epiphany morning at least 53 years ago when I was called into the living room and saw standing in a semicircle the nice 3 Magi figures from the nativity set ( relatively big - more than Ken or Barbie , , somewhat articulated limbs heads sculted from Wax with hair inset and brocade costumes[2]. )  and a big cuddle toy rabbit[3]. For me that was Rabbit from Pooh. And I refused to sleep without it for the next years. By the time I was finished with it it was quite flat.
back to Epiphany  - when I moved the rabbit  , below it , in the carpet there was a pawprint.  Now that made it a miracle to me.

1. Nobody uses Epiphany in German except maybe on a churchs calender. its Dreikönigstag. Even "Twelfth Night" is translated as Dreikönigsnacht. Rainald von Dassel one of the powerful Archbishops of Cologne stole the 3 magi from Milan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainald_of_Dassel  making Cologne the most attractive pilgrimage site in northern Europe - if you could not afford to cross the apls to go to Rome you wemt to Cologne. The goldshrine in the Catherdral was a good investment. for the city. [5]
2. Antique pieces from Church nativity sets - likely shepherds redressed.
3. At the time there were so many people sending gifts to me that my parents worried I might get spoiled by too many gifts for Christmas. And held back a few. Except who was anouncing his (or her ) visit for the second week in Januiary , but the giver of that rabbit.  So I got the rabbit. and my 'miracle' [4]
4. the irregularity in the (second hand ) carpet MUST have been there before - just unnoticed.
5. In recent years it has been noticed the the documentation of the bones is spotty - effectively NO documentation before they arrived in Cologne. The Milanes seem to have been ignorant of this treasure.

Jul. 24th, 2014

spam du jour

Tag sehr geehrter Frau!

Good day dear Mr. Madam [ in German the „geehrte“
== honored has a gender – which should agree with the gender
of generic following it]

suchen Mitarbeiter als Lokal Manager in Postdienstleistungen.

We are looking for employees as local manager for postal

Compony ist eines der großen  Betrieb,

S-I-O compony[sic!]
one of that big business

mit der Transportleistung und Logistik beschäftigt ist.

that with transportserviceand logistics is occupied.[1]

der starken Expansion in Deutschland bieten wir
erfolgsorientierten und dynamischen Menschen ein gutes

From here it gets boring and garmattical

bieten Ihnen:

ein sehr gutes Betriebsklima

eigenverantwortliches Arbeiten

ein gutes Festgehalt

flexible Arbeitszeiten Wenn Sie sich für dieses

schicken Sie bitte Ihren Name und Kontaktinformation an unsere
senditoffvacancy@gmail.com   Mit
freundlichen Grüßen, Send – It-Off Company

Mar. 15th, 2014


  1. Thanks for wellwishes#.

  2. I spent the last nightshift at Ford Cologne UNmounting raw doors from essentially raw bodies ( of Ford Fiestas ).
    Apparently the bodies are painted with doors on then the doors are unmounted and finished by a subcontractor in a different building ( add locks, handles electronics etc) and then reunited with the body they came from.

  3. Other then unmounting said doors ( right side only - left side is done be collegue Muhmad ) I did add a few small parts ( for the 3 door version speakers anmd the little steel thingies that will hold a screw where a simple hole in the body will not. )
    Apparently speakers for the 5 door version are mounted in different places ( the doors maybe ?)

  4. The ugliest color those Fiestas come in is called Hot Mustard - I call it piss-yellow-metallic. Closely followed by Copper.

  5. I do not know who comes up with color names like Panther-Black and Moondust-Silver( the latter sounds like the lovechild of some spaced out Hippies* )

# yes I turned 59 - officially old fart now.
* nothing against hippies per se - just that names like this are not necessarily a favor to the child.

Mar. 2nd, 2014

for the purple lovers among my friends


Feb. 27th, 2014

new word

FBuped the state FB leaves you/your computer/gadget when they changed everything again.

If this becomes common parlance I want copyright fees from professional usage ;-)

Feb. 23rd, 2014

a modest proposal for the NSA

Harvard Research Computing Resources Misused for ‘Dogecoin’ Mining Operation

reading this in the news and mention that dogecoin like Bitcoin ( and some others must be generated by massive computing power I had an idea - currently all that computer power does no visible good apart from generating virtual money. On the other hand there are networks like BOINK ( remember SETI ? ) that can use computing power for good , and there is the Cloud of computing power/storage as well with various companies offering services.
Now for anylyzing all those messages it overhears/overreads in case of SMS and email the NSA needs computer power so maybe it should promote its own digi-coin ( maybe not OPENLY but though several layers of cutouts - I am sure the know how ) and use the massive computer power of the users to solve its problems. On top it might skim a small percentage of the generated coins as well to finance stuff that is difficult to get from congress.

Or maybe this is already happening - I am sure some of the experts of the former KGB and the MFS and the ... have thought of this before - or is not them then a thriller-blockbuster author.
I reserve the right to the Title " The Mammon Variant/Sanction/Solution" and "That clinking clanking sound" by right of writing it here first.

Feb. 22nd, 2014

Diagram Prize reveals oddest titles of 2014

Diagram Prize reveals oddest titles of 2014

actually How to Pray When You're Pissed at God sounds like a useful title to have

ideas while working production line 7

while stacking freshly stamped out back undercarriage ( a three men job ) I notice that some of the regular rythmic movements have an uncanny similarity to certain tai-chi /qui gong moves.

This brings me back to my proposal to rename all these moves : drop the "currying the horsetail" and "catching the wind" and "hold a tree " - and introduce names that are more real life for us city folks in developed countries.
rotating the undercarriage, flipping the door sill , opening the sunroof, folding the soft top, all make more sense than the traditional names.

in a certain quigong/taichi exercise one ends up with the hands pressing down in front of the body somewhat below the navel. I always regarded this as the "no your head stays underwater" move, and if one imagines ones favorite landlord/politician/sect-priest, .... one has adittional motivation to holding that pose for minutes on end.

There is also "here is your supersized Asian Chicken salad" and " the fish was that big"

maybe I should get somone to do little videos of me wearing martial-arms style clothes and making those moves.

Feb. 15th, 2014

from the office of disinformation deployment

dis~count, noun.
named after the county Dis where the count managed to restore the family fortune by sell produce and mass-produced with less margin than the competitors (and no costly advertizing )

note: I lack pictures of castle Dis, the location, the history of Dis and supporting material [ all in wikipedia style ]

Feb. 11th, 2014

Grocery Run

Bellpeppers red&yellow
1,50 €
1,00 €
Coctail tomatoes
2,00 €
1 kg
1,00 €
3 kg
2,00 €
3 kg
Blue potatoes

1,00 €

3 pc.
[green fractal caulyflower]
1,00 €
3 pack @ 500g
sliced rye-sunflowerseed bread
1,47 €
1 pack
250g smoked Tofu
1,79 €
308 g
0,92 €
total =
13,68 €

Feb. 8th, 2014

on the air tomorrow and first world *dismay*

Betroffenheit ( noun, female, singular about = consternation , dismay )
  • In do-gooder society post war educated Germany you have to show Betroffenheit if you hear of terrible things - even if personally you do not care much one way or another ( because you are NOT gay, socialist, unionist, Jewish, or live in that far place [1] ) , note that Betroffenheit does not require action of any kind, one only must show that one is deeply hurt to hear such terrible things.
  • Also there is the word "Betroffenheits-Kultur" a mocking reference to the kind of ( tree-hugging ) good-people who are Betroffen at every ill in the world ( local stuff excepted as per Matthew 7.3 [2] ).
  • the verb can be used ironically in colloquial German in "das macht mich jetzt echt Betroffen" ( "that really makes me dismayed") if one does not give a damn.

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_...
  2. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%207&version=NIV

Tomorrow the local Radio (WDR5) , basically a minority channel for treehuggers, bookheads, intellectuals, amateur Philosophers and other non productive members of society, will air a "Radio feature" ( and repeat it at all odd times of day and night during the next 3 weeks.)
The jingle announcing that Radio-Documentary said, that India not only has a caste system, but also a class system( Duh!) - with women being the second class. And then alluding to recent news in that vein [e.g. rape on public bus ]
All under the snazzy title "Dead girls need no dowry".
This IS terrible ( and occasion to show "Betroffenheit" s.a. ) and certainly Indian women are worse off then women in civilized countries ( yeah that includes, provisionally , the US ) but it completely ignores the existing inequality in our own society.
Women as second class is not some strange barbaric phenomenon in a Galaxy society far far away - it is real and here.
Besides if we really cared about Indian women then the rules for granting political asylum in Germany should be changed to include oppression because of having been born female. ( Which would mean we would get a lot of new citizens ) and we ARE careful not to do that. ( and the 'feature' tomorrow will be too).

I suspect this is a first world thing. ( and just this once I will include the US in "1st World" though it REALLY is second world )

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Jan. 13th, 2014

(no subject)

Do NSA's Bulk Surveillance Programs Stop Terrorists?

Quote of the day

"David sighed and stood up. He'd been around computers long enough to realize that there are a great many strange, terrible, inexplicable forces loose in the world. and not all of them ( the vast majority, yes, but not all ) come from the Microsoft corporation."

clearly this was written before google ( actually 2002 ) .

Jan. 8th, 2014

recent reads

Brin: Existence
E.E.Smith the Skylar series ( all 4 )
Brin: Earth
Bujold : The Warriors Apprentice

Jan. 3rd, 2014


Festival for Cocktailrobotics since 1999

with a bow to Henry Kuttners "Robots Have No Tails"
where I first came across the concept. And Galloway Ghalleghers coctail organ.

Jan. 1st, 2014

Aliens among us ?

German roadcode also defines signs. for example "pedestrians"
legal design
Woman (or Scotsman ) with child. ( a previouis sign with a man with coat and hat was abolished as projecting the wrong image )

However on the pavement near where I live it is not 2 humans (mature female and child ) but clearly aliens , relatives of the blob maybe.
alien 1
Notice the incredibly thin neck , the seamless connection of the two "arms" and the extended right arm of the child.
alien 2
The typical Roswell/Area51 type alien head and the hole in the bigger figure.
alien 3
The arms starting in different hights for the bigger figure the thinness of the left arm and the broken off bit.
alien 4
Notice also the extra long legs the extra short skirt ( is it ?) and the really stubby 'legs' of the child.

One wonders what happened to the roadworker who painted those - did he suffer the consequences of revealing the presence of aliens ?

Nov. 16th, 2013


"I've spent most of my life confused, " I replied. " You get used to it after a while. There's a lot to be said for merely having a hazy idea of what's going on but generally reaching the right outcome by following broad policy outlines. In fact, I've a snaking suspicion that it's the only way of getting things done. Once the horror and unpredictability of unintended consequences get a hold, even the most wellintentioned and noblest plans generally descend to mayhem, confusion and despair.

I resemble that remark

Nov. 14th, 2013

and another thing

with all the excitement of the possible job
I forgot to phone a friend to congratulate to her birthday ( had to send a text next day as I seem to have lost the number )
And did not even notice passing the 10 year mark of quitting smoking. .

99.99% of the time I do not miss it. Certainly not when I cough anyway. But somewhere under the disgust how cold smoke smells ("say did you sleep in an ashtray last night ?" ) and NOT having withdrawal signs the addiction is still there.
I feel in my bones that if I smoked one cigarette I would be back to a pack a day the week after. ( and at the prices these days I can either eat OR smoke but not both while on welfare )
As for smoking medical herbs to soothe the harsh reality : even before I quit I managed to achieve change of consciousness by coughing hard enough to lack oxygen.

Nov. 12th, 2013

in the language of cats


also think before speaking

not an update

So far firing is to good for November unless the firing is by a firing squad and November against the wall.
SHOULD I get that job a pardon to 151 Lifetimes will be considered.

I am mad and angry when I see people close to me hurt and I can't do a thing.

Nov. 11th, 2013

follow up

they only want applications by E-Mail.
Thanks for all the good wishes.

Nov. 10th, 2013


in about 15 hours from now Monday ( 8 am GMT) 9 CET I will call a man about a job. Since the job is about as perfect for me as it gets I could do with some good vibes/prayers/whatever. [ I think that is 6 am in NYC ]

Nov. 3rd, 2013

this morning elsenet

I realized that I am unfit to judge my own society/country.

I grew up with good parents who were decidedly not racist. ( though what my mother would have said had I turned up with a colored girlfriend I don't know )
Most of my teachers had been students during the '68 student revolts.
The part of Cologne I grew up in was all villas and mansions ( and that locked up place where AH met the captains of industry early in his career ) - so the Catholic parish priest would not have dared to recommend one party over another ( as priests did elsewhere )
So my worldview was/is what you Americans call 'liberal' and I assumed that things were like that everywhere. ( after all my friends , though not from the same area of Cologne, were like that too [ attending a progressive liberal school ])
Later I did learn that there IS quite a bit of racism hereabouts - subtly graduated by skin color and provenance. Or unsubtly if the color was too different from the local standard. Finding a reasonably priced flat or a job was difficult for some.
There was the (protestant priest , who had been in japan for a couple of years and si should have been liberal who commented a possible pregnancy of an unmarried young woman - "well if it was white one could find a solution but as it will be black you need to get an abortion".)

And up to a point I am still like that ( liberal and assuming that my world is too ). My friends are not racist, not misogynist and the one acquaintance who is somewhat homophobic [thats so gay!] gets his shins kicked every time he uses that.
But my friends are not random selected from the general population - they are people I feel ok with. So it is no surprise we share worldviews.

What a truly random sample of the people will think I do not know ( can I ? )

(The above is a work in progress , may need editing )

Oct. 27th, 2013

I wish this worked ( things making sense would be a nice change )

I'm gonna close my eyes
And count to ten
I'm gonna close my eyes
And when I open them again
Everything will make sense to me then


emphasis mine

Oct. 25th, 2013

NSA: We listen to You! ( I reserve copyright for that slogan )

TV news here claims the NSA wiretapped ( mobiletapped ? ) eavesdroped on 35 European politicians . Now the A-list is somewhat bigger than that.
And the only explanation for not being on the short NSA list is that those that are missing are deemed irrelevant. Which is of course an insult.

Oct. 24th, 2013

German foreign minister summons US ambassador

German foreign minister summons US ambassador over Merkel spying allegations
for further versions use keywords: Merkel, Germany , NSA

It takes a lot to piss of the German government ( Merkel does not do emotions much.) - in this case the current caretaker ( and mostly the future one too )administration and the whole of the Bundestag ( national parliament ) - in other words EVERYBODY.
But the US intelligence seems to have managed it.
This is not an intelligent move. ( and no it is not Mr. Snowdens fault for revealing things, it is the US intelligence fault for doing it .
The proverbial* wife getting caught with the Postman in bed by a husband returning early does not get to argue "If you had not come home early unannounced this would not have happened" either )

The whole German political class wants to keep the relationship with the US friendly , a lot of them from a mixture of gratitude ( dying out from natural causes ), tradition ( increasingly retiring ) ,and selfinterest and some even because they do admire America. For 60 years the West-German policy on everything has been to do as the US wants - we were, are a reliable partner. But now you Americans will have to do some explaining. This will be the equivalent of "dear we have to talk about our relationship!" (words that many men dread. with reason )

If US security has been listening to the German chancellors phonecalls I assume they started before the Obama administration .I assume they listened to every politician worldwide. If they did NOT listen to the calls of the British Queen then only because she does not make the political decisions. ( same for Dutch, Belgian, Spanish royalty ) - presumably it did listen to ALL the prime ministers.
I understand that if one is a spymaster and any good at it, one will listen to EVERY source one can get at. It is the slightly perverse voyeur mentality that MAKES a good spy . However ensuring one has the capability of listening to everyone, is different from actually doing it. ( an acquaintance who was living in his parents basement used one afternoon to wire all upstairs rooms. Because he could. He never got caught. I assume because he never USED the mics other than for testing. )

Oct. 16th, 2013

NSA collecting e-mail and IM contacts globally

Report: NSA collecting e-mail and IM contacts globally
Well if they are getting my addressbook they will need some very clever sorting program - some people in there are under a nick some with name , surname some with surname, name , there are adresses and phone numbers that are outdated and a long time ago I did include a few purely fictve acquantances to give myself some memory help for the variois pins a modern human needs ( bank1, bank2, creditcard , ... )
The list even includes people I do NOT want to talk to.
And then there is the list of quickdial numbers on my landline phone ( stuff like **8DOC for my GP, **8 LOVE, **8police, **8thisandthat ) the good part of that is that when one of them calls I get their name on the display ( and have the option - never used so far - of not accepting the call ) - If I had pests that I do not want to block but not answer I would include them there.
And there is a list of blocked numbers - numbers who will never get through to me. ( known telemarketers )
Anyway as long as the NSA does not establish a world addressbook and sells it to spammers they may have my mess.
On the other hand, what they COULD sell to me ( what I might be willing to buy ) is corrected entries: after all with that gobal database they would know that John-James Smith-Miller moved from Munich to Nuremberg and thus has a new mailing address and a new landline number and his email address has changed from JJSM@munich.isp.exaple.com to something else .
Actually cleaning addressbooks would be a valuable service they could provide. And if they also managed the DoNotCall/ DoNotMail list addressbooks thus cleaned would better adressbooks.

Oct. 9th, 2013

quoting from a

Thursday Next book :
The dangerously high level of the stupidity surplus was once again the lead story in The Owl that morning. The reason for the crisis was clear: Prime Minister Redmond van de Poste and his ruling Commonsense Party had been discharging their duties with a reckless degree of responsibility that bordered on inspired sagacity. Instead of drifting from one crisis to the next and appeasing the nation with a steady stream of knee-jerk legislation and headline-grabbing but arguably pointless initiatives, they had been resolutely building a raft of considered long-term plans that concentrated on unity, fairness and tolerance. It was a state of affairs deplored by Mr. Alfredo Traficcone, leader of the opposition Prevailing Wind Party, who wanted to lead the nation back onto the safer grounds of uninformed stupidity.

(http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/books/excerpts/2007-06-26-Thursday-Next_N.htm )

I have a suspicion who they fobbed the surplus on and where one of the secret "toxic" dumps is located.

Oct. 8th, 2013

at minions ipsum

Minions ipsum aute aaaaaah consequat ullamco commodo wiiiii baboiii nisi. Qui tank yuuu! Consectetur qui. Ad magna ex quis ut esse po kass minim. Ut commodo dolor irure poopayee ut ex la bodaaa ti aamoo! Elit uuuhhh. Reprehenderit bananaaaa magna tempor pepete ti aamoo! Bappleees sit amet minim underweaaar hana dul sae. Elit aaaaaah tulaliloo adipisicing daa baboiii ut. Tatata bala tu la bodaaa consectetur ullamco ut potatoooo para tú hana dul sae magna voluptate ad.


Oct. 7th, 2013

close to 10 years

November 11th 2003 11:30 pm I smoked my last cigarette .
Getting ill after that helped me to stop.

The whole story is a little more complex.
I started smoking when I was 15 , in 1970 , cause all the hip people were in the smoking corner of the schoolyard ( yes they had those back then , and as far as I remember half our teachers were smokers themselves. The hippest young teacher was often nice enough that one could bum a smoke from him. )
up to 11.11,203 I had smoked 33 years - the latter 25 years at a packet a day of Gauloises ( not actually as tar and nicotine loaded as it tastes )
I had tried to stop numerous times. Never lasting more then 2 or 3 weeks.
So that night in November I fingered the last cigarette from the softpack and debated with myself if I needed to get fully dressed to go to the latenight newsagent before midnight closing time. As the weather was November-standard , getting dressed would have involved putting on socks, shoes, sweater and outdoor jacket at least , possibly find an umbrella.
I was tired and decided that buying cigarettes could wayit for the next morning after 7 am.
When I woke that next morning I was sick as the proverbial dog. I spent the next 3 days in bed and only semiconscious. Occasionally I would crawl to the bathroom and have a glass of water afterwards. When my mind cleared after 3 days I realized that I had not smoked for 3 days and had not felt withdrawal pangs. ( had not felt anything much ) .
Thats when I decided to try and not start again.
And it worked so far.

Oct. 3rd, 2013

oh and

aside from October 3rd being German unity day it is my 28th wedding anniversary. If one has one if divorced. Since the wedding predates the fall of the wall that is the primary associacion of the date for me.
I do NOT remember what day I was divorced.

approaching the 10 year mark

November 11th 2003 11:30 pm I smoked my last cigarette .
Getting ill after that helped me to stop.

German for outlanders *

my preferred dictionary (dict.leo.org) tells me there are two meanings to Auflauf:
and crowd, mob
Unless one looks at "to serve man" a Menschen[-]auflauf is a crowd. Potatoes, tomatoes , fennel or noodle - Auflauf are something to eat ( or admittedly to avoid sometimes )

*German Ausländer == foreigner , stranger (legal alien )  follows the same pattern as Rheinländer ( coming from Rhineland ) or Niederländer ( from Niederlande =Netherlands ) - someone coming from "aussen = outside . While the Austrians use A or at as short for their nation,  in German thats Österreich - even in the strange variant of German they speak there .

Sep. 19th, 2013

is he trying to live upm to his chosen name ?

Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion

Sep. 18th, 2013

sometimes I wonder about neo-cons

whatever name they may call themselves locally

Despite Mark 10:46-52 they seem to believe they are right.
on the other hand there IS Matthew 5:3 , which given the logical contortions those go through seems to imply the WILL get to heaven.
In that case though I'd prefer to be somewhere else. Maybe in "socialist" hell where due to centralized planning they lack the glowing coals, the torture-plyers ect. ( as the joke goes )

Sep. 10th, 2013

in two weeks time [ part 1]

Germany is electing a new federal parliament ( Bundestag)
Abut 600 members elected partly direct ( best in their district ) partly by list
Germans have 2 votes : one for a direct candidate standing in THAT district and one for a statewide list (party)
There is a mechanism to compensate for disparity between 1 vote results and second vote results but it is seriously complicated

Parties in the next Bundestag will be

  • CDU/CSU Christian Democratic Party [ in Bavaria Christian Social Union] - conservative business oriented but occasionally rediscovering Christian virtues - hiowever being Christian is not required currently in power and ruled by Miss Merkel.

  • SPD Socialdemocratic Party of Germany originally working people oriented , used to have good connections to the unions

  • Buendniss90/Gruene a combination of the West-German Greens and the former East-German civil rights party(after the wall fell but before unification)

  • FDP Freie Demokratische Partei ( lit : free Democrats , in German usage Liberals ) mostly deregulators except where business is subsidized by the state - pro business currently junior partner in the ruling coalition ( including the gay foreign minister Westerwelle and the actually competent minister of justice )

  • Die Linke "The Left" a combination of former East-German socialist State Party but "changed" into real democrats and split off from the SPD that wanted to remain worker oriented.

  • Piraten Pirates : webgeeks in favor of free information

Due to a requirement of a minimum of 5 percent for the list vote the smaller parties might not all make it . Personally I would not mind if the Pirates and the FDP did not.

to be continued.

Sep. 6th, 2013

(no subject)

Among all the genres on Fiction Island, Comedy is the only one which still demands compulsory military service and a bucket of water sown the trousers for every citizen. Conscripts are trained in th clown martial art of Sla-Pstik, and do not graduate from military academy until they can kill silently with a frying pan and achieve fatal accuracy with a custard pie atv foerty yards. It's a bit like Sparta, only with jokes.
Bradshaw's BookWorld Companion 7th Edition


Aug. 19th, 2013

how convenient

Al-Qaeda targeting European railways: report
German newspaper says the plan came to light during al-Qaeda call intercepted by US National Security Agency.

That is Bild, that bastion of quality journalism.

According to the completely independent and biasfree radio*, Bild claimed that the tipoff came from the NSA, who listened to phonecalls of high ranking Al-Quaeda members.

Hearing this just after mass wiretapping has come to light, and the impartiality, law-abidingness and truthfulness of the NSA are questioned, triggers my conspiracy detector.

* compared to Bild they are impartial and fair

Aug. 10th, 2013

refuses to be linked to in FB for some reason

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